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otho May 29, 2008 12:54

conformal vs. non conformal mesh
whats the definition of a conformal mesh?

Jed May 29, 2008 13:42

Re: conformal vs. non conformal mesh
A conformal mesh is a mesh where the geometry and order lines up between elements (eg. no hanging nodes and constant polynomial order). h-nonconforming means there are hanging nodes and p-nonconforming means that polynomial order doesn't match. A conformal discretization is one where the global function space has the expected regularity (typically H^1). Discontinuous Galerkin uses a nonconforming discretization since the global function space is not in H^1 (although it is H^1 on elements). You can use a conformal discretization on a nonconforming mesh by using constraints and eliminating constrained degrees of freedom.

andy May 30, 2008 11:11

Re: conformal vs. non conformal mesh
I think you may need to supply some context. A common meaning is constant scale factors.

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