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tim June 5, 2008 06:27

Potential Flow:
Is there any prohibition from placing potential flow articles in the wiki? Or are they out of the scope of what is considered CFD?


pc June 20, 2008 08:11

Re: Potential Flow:
It's definitely CFD, it's just a simpler subset of inviscid flows. Before ample computing hardware existed to solve Euler/Navier-Stokes, potential flow solution methods were all the rage.

tim June 20, 2008 22:55

Re: Potential Flow:
I agree. In some circumstances (e.g. preliminary aircraft design), these are methods more appropriate than a full blown Navier-Stokes solution. Methods like VLM and Prandtl lifting line do provide very good estimates for loads. Certainly accurate enough for engineering design.

These methods are covered in other web sites :Sydney University's "Aerodynamics for Students".

However, the wiki for this site does not adress these simpler CFD equations at all. I thought that there may some guidelines for what should go into the wiki.


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