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nag June 21, 2008 04:27

why do we give total pressure as inlet bc and static pressure at thye outlet?

cfd.newbie June 21, 2008 07:40

Re: urgent
To simulate sound! What are you trying to do.


Vinayender June 24, 2008 10:26

Re: urgent

Total pressure at the inlet is know as a freestream values but Total pressure at the outlet is not know before a computation is performed. To compute Total pressure at the outlet we also need to know the losess involved in the computaional domain, which will be know only after computation is know.

Comming to static pressure at the outlet is concerned, it gives more physical meaning as the flow needs to be relaxed to the back pressure at the outlet and hence given as exit pressure BC.

Please some one correct if I am wrong some where....

Thanks, Vinayender.

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