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Philip June 25, 2008 20:37

I am looking into buying CFX. I am currently using Flotherm and CFdesign for applications in electronics cooling and HVAC. I would like to know if CFX can handle modeling fans (with characteristics fan curves), two-resistor models, air flwo resitances? IS CFX user friendly? Is it easy to debug models in CFX? Thanks.

Hrvoje Jasak June 26, 2008 08:27

A word of warning: your response to this message is likely to come from a CFX sales person or one of many undeclared CFX employees at this forum. You may be better off asking for a trial version or talking to a friend you know and trust.


Fred June 26, 2008 14:19

I assume you have looked at all the other codes as well, Fluent, STAR-CD/CCM+, floworks etc etc

xyz June 26, 2008 16:54

Hi Phillip

Yes CFX is very user friendly. However, you can ask for a trial for both Fluent and CFX. Code that performs better for your application, you should go along with that. Word of warning, there are many Openfoam advertisers around here. Last thing you wanna do is waste your time on a open source crap that would give rubbish results in the end.

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