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Amir June 30, 2008 02:07

Level set method for detonation
Hi I want to use level set method for 2-D detonation problem. Is it possible? what about Ghost fluid method?

jinwon park July 2, 2008 15:25

Re: Level set method for detonation
I am solving underwater explosions using a GFM. Due to discontinuous adoptation of equations of state between water and explosive gas, I have suffered from stability problems in treating discontinuities across the material interface. The LSM was coupled in the GFM to provide the interface information. However, the sole use of LSM may not be applicable in detonation simulations because the Eulerian approach incluidng the LSM provides mixed elements in which fraction of fluids are presented. To remove the diffusion near the interface, a sharp interface method such as the GFM, the immersed interface method(IIM) has been often recommended. Please see the reference about the LSM, the GFM presented by R.Fedkiw who is an invertor of the LSM and GFM.

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