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Ale July 1, 2008 08:37

Fluent and CFX

I know that Fluent has joined ANSYS, and I heard that next year a new CFD code will be launched, resulting from the merging of Fluent and CFX.

Does anyone know details on the expected features of the new code, especially for what concerns the post-processing and run of old Fluent and CFX simulations with the new code?

If you had to start a new modeling work now, provided that you have both Fluent and CFX licenses available, would you use Fluent or CFX? Which criteria would you take into account to take a decision?

Thank you very much in advance!


Insider July 1, 2008 14:58

Re: Fluent and CFX

I think because the GUI is better in CFX they will keep it but there are more modeling option in fluent so they will keep this solver, branching the GUI to it. The fluent GUI is awful, especially the post-processing. It depends also of the applications. for example for flow into porous media you need to use fluent.


Ahmed July 1, 2008 18:37

Re: Fluent and CFX
Only good thing about Fluent is its solver. I imagine they would replace CFX solver with Fluent's solver and probably integrate few other things into CFX. So you are better off learning CFX.


Charles July 2, 2008 15:00

Re: Fluent and CFX
At an Ansys user-group meeting a couple of weeks ago this was discussed in some detail. As others have suggested, Ansys wants to integrate the whole lot into their Workbench suite. Although I gather that the codes will still be available independently, CFX-pre and CFX-Post will effectively be used for all the solvers. A lot of the models have also been integrated from one solver to the other. The two codes share a lot of general purpose capability, but each also has its own strengths, and it would still make sense to select on that basis.

Jerry July 2, 2008 17:12

Re: Fluent and CFX
The question would be, given the probable limited life span of both of these codes, do you want to learn either. Would it not be a better idea to move to an alternative code (CFDesign,STAR-CCM+ etc) that are so called "next generation" and so will have a far longer life span. That and the fact that ANSYS will treat you like dirt reducing support and hiking up license prices, not that I am bitter of course....

John Falls July 3, 2008 10:37

Re: Fluent and CFX
I'm hearing more and more such ANSYS/Fluent "flak" lately. Let's hear from all of you out there who feel you are getting shafted by them regarding worsening customer support and increasing license prices. Then we can also all compare notes on which alternatives we've looked into and how they compare.

moongs July 18, 2008 15:38

Re: Fluent and CFX
I have found that if I call FLUENT tech support before noon (EST), my calls get shunted to India. The calls typically get dropped and the voice quality is poor. Cannot complain about the support I get from there, but seems like FLUENT/ANSYS (FLANSYS) could spend some more money to get better phone lines!

I try to make calls after 12PM nowdays.

HekLeR July 30, 2008 21:14

Re: Fluent and CFX
Hmm... Star CCM+ is as old as CFX is. Not sure why you include it in a list of "next generation" codes.

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