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Frank July 3, 2008 16:27

2nd question Transonic Pressures at High M
Hello again folks, I'm looking at some numerical results that a colleague has compiled for a NACA0012 airfoil in steady transonic flow. The first set is at zero angle of attack and are aimed at showing the effects of Mach number on the flow.

The results at M=0.9 show a large supersonic region (that extends behind the trailing egde) and the pressure coefficient is rather large. The results at M=0.95, however, show a larger supersonic region (that extends significantly beyond the trailing edge) but the pressures on the upper surface are SMALLER than the case M=0.9.

Could someone with experience in these matters tell me if such results are sensible? I was confused when I observed that the pressure coefficients in the M=0.95 case were larger than in the 0.9 case. I had imagined that the pressure coefficients would increase with increasing mach number?

If someone could shed light on this I'd be very grateful Frank

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