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NewBee July 7, 2008 13:58

Spatial &Temporal differencing scheme impingingjet
Hi, I am using HLLC second order upwind spatial discretization scheme for solving supersonic jet impingement problem. My question is regarding the temporal disretization, how do Know which is more appropriate? point jacobi, Gauss-Siedel, Mac-Cormak; R-K? Also where does TVD come in play?

Please help. Thanks

NewBee July 9, 2008 13:47

Re: Spatial &Temporal differencing scheme impingin
Anyone ...please help

jinwon park July 14, 2008 23:40

Re: Spatial &Temporal differencing scheme impingin
How about the Runge-Kutta schemes?

NewBee July 16, 2008 11:57

Re: Spatial &Temporal differencing scheme impingin
Hi Jinwon Thanks for the reply. But how do I choose an appropriate temporal scheme? Do you think Runge-Kutta is a better option? And where does TVD come in?


jinwon park July 16, 2008 12:23

Re: Spatial &Temporal differencing scheme impingin
In the literature, RK schemes are often recommended to ensure the TVD property. As you may know, the TVD is a numerical property, not a specific technique. There are a great variety of time schemes. I could not say that the RK scheme is the best since it is depending on the requirement.

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