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zhe zhang November 16, 1999 11:53

control plotting in fortran program
hello, everyone: I'm now programming with Fortran on SGI workstation. I want to control the data plotting in my Fortran program. For example, I want to plot the data for every iteration in the program. Does anyone know is there any such software and how to control it in Fortran? Thanks a lot.

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John C. Chien November 16, 1999 13:40

Re: control plotting in fortran program
(1). You can talk to your computer system people to find out what is available on the system, in terms of the hardware and the software. (2). You can also talk to SGI, since they are fairly good at the hardware. (3). The computer sciences department is also a good place to find the answer. (4). There is no general solution to the graphics problem. You need to find out "what can be done, what has been done, what is available on your system " first. (5). For plotting, I have seen people using AutoCAD, Excel, etc... And there are also several good post-processing packages available on the market.

Oleg November 16, 1999 14:10

Re: control plotting in fortran program
Try PGPLOT (! Regards Oleg

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