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student July 8, 2008 15:12

Population Balance Theory
Am interested in doing mathematical and theoretical research in the Population Balance field. I did Google search but become more confused. Hope someone can answer my questions.

1/ What is the population balance theory.

2/ What is population balance equation(S)

3/ what is the relationship between population balance equations and incompressible and compressible flow, and CFD

4/ where I MUST start

5/ is population balance equation(S) are a general case of multiphase flows

6/ any information about the mathematical descripption (NO commercial software please)

7/ I did search in Wiki-CFD and could not find any information. We may therefore but your answers in our Wiki

Am quite sure somebody out there can give us more information.

Thank you for your assistant and consideration

Best regards,


Bignose July 9, 2008 22:05

Re: Population Balance Theory
Ramkrishna's book Population Balances probably answers all these questions and more.

Anishtain4 August 10, 2008 04:12

Re: Population Balance Theory
All I know about population in cfd is a simple equation describe the population rate of increase that is a clue of turbulence and chaos. guess you can find it in the "viscous fluid flow" of "white". if I remember it well it is x=r(1-x) initial x is below 1 and for some r it never converge that is what happenning in the fluid flow. a boundary stability in the nature.

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