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kantipudi July 10, 2008 13:06

Pressure Boundary Conditions
Hi all,

I have a rectangular inlet and two rectangular outlets. I am using the pressure inlet and pressure outlets BCs.

I know the mass flows, in and out, at the boundaries. For these mass flows, initially I plotted the total pressure and Static Pressure Contours. As a next step, the mass flow boundary conditions are replaced by pressure boundary conditions and I used the plotted pressure values to get the initial mass flow rates(Total pressure as input at Pressure Inlet and respective Static Pressures as inputs at the two outflows). Can I expect to get the initial mass flow rates with which I started the problem?(Actually I am trying to verify my solution)

Because what happened is when I checked the velocity vectors, air is actually flowing 'into' one of the outlets. Also I didn't get the initial mass flow rates at the outlets. Inlet is working fine.

Could some one please help to make the flow 'out' from the outflow and with the mass flow rates at the outlets?

Thank you.

Anishtain4 August 10, 2008 04:07

Re: Pressure Boundary Conditions
let the outflow be solved by the pressure condition then take an integral of inflow and outflows. after that you can multiply the outflows by the fraction you expect. else you should let the pressure define it itself. former is the best way warrant continuity in the computational field.

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