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ROOZBEH July 12, 2008 10:27

Air-Jet Vortex Generator, request for some papers
Dear CFD specialists; I have done a computational research about air-jet vortex generator from a thermal point of view. I need some papers to read for preparing my paper. Unfortunately I do not have access to those papers. It would be a very kind of you to send me if you have the papers.

"Fluid Dynamics of Highly Pitched and Yawed Jets in Crossflow" AIAA Journal 2004 0001-1452 vol.42 no.5 (874-882)

"Flow and heat transfer in a turbulent boundary layer through skewed and pitched jets", AIAA Journal 1993 0001-1452 vol.31 no.9 (1590-1599)

"Streamwise vortex production by pitched and skewed jets in a turbulent boundary" layer, AIAA Journal 30 (3) (1992) 640"647.

"Development of a Steady Vortex Generator Jet in a Turbulent Boundary Layer" Journal of Fluids Engineering -- November 2003 -- Volume 125, Issue 6, pp. 1006-1015

"The effect of skewing on the vorticity produced by an airjet vortex generator" Aeronautical Journal, 1998, vol. 102, pp. 171-177

"Optimisation of air-jet vortex generators with respect to system design parameters"Aeronautical Journal, 1999, vol. 103, pp. 475-479

"A numerical study of the application of vane and air-jet vortex generator" Aeronautical, Journal 105 (1047) (2001) 255"265.

"Computational analysis of co- and contra-rotating streamwise vortices in a turbulent boundary layer AIAA paper-1993-3035

yours, ROOZBEH

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