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Isi July 14, 2008 06:27

Free media&porous media.Big changes in properties.
Hello everybody!!

I have a question, perhaps you could help me.

I have a 2D domain where an area is a porous media and there, obviously, there is a change in some physical properties: porosity (e) and permeability (K). In this porous area we have a value of porosity less than 1.0 and a value of permeability with an order of 10e-11. This makes that incompressible Navier-Stokes equations have an extra-term in this porous area, called Darcy-term that is (v/K)*u, where v=dynamic viscosity, K=permeability and u=velocity vector.

I use FEM (finite element method). I want to use a stabilized FE method. And as I have a change in physical properties (between flow in free media and flow in porous media), I don't know what type of stabilization I should use. I have tested GLS (Galerkin least squares), SUPG ... but they don't seem to work properly with a big change in permeability value (in free media permeability values infinity whereas in porous media it values about 10e-11).

I would be really grateful if you could give some advice or references of some articles where the implementation of such stabilized method was explained.

Thanks in advance Best regards Isa

Kirankumar N Shiva July 14, 2008 07:18

Hi Every one,

I have to model the Automotive CAC, with the internal and external fin, Could any one you please suggest how do I go on with this initially. The main problem which I am facing is if i have to mesh the tubes with the internal fin and as well as external fins. The model is going too be too big. I need to determine the heat transferr rate at certain inlett temperature of coolent air passing through it at certain temperature. Could any one of you please help me with this.

Thanks & Regards.

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