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Hui July 22, 2008 03:07

TCL model for channel flow
Hello, everyone:)

I am trying to use the TCL model (Craft & Launder) to calculate simple channel flow. But it failed. I checked the model, it seems that for the simple channel flow, the rapid part (with the term C2') of the pressure-strain is not symmetrical. I think that is the reason.

Is anyone has such an experience with the TCL model? Did anyone calculate the channel flow with TCL model successfully?

Thanks a lot.

sharaf July 24, 2008 21:22

Re: TCL model for channel flow
As far as I know, it is symmetrical, and I have used the model successfully in channel flow.

Hui July 25, 2008 23:28

Re: TCL model for channel flow
Thank you for your reply. I am wondering would we talk a little more. I am afraid you would never look at this thread again:p

But if you would like to discuss(didn't want to take too much of your time), please let me know:)

Thanks a lot.

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