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Bruce Bartie September 3, 1998 03:20

Boundary Layers on 2D shapes
Hi evereybody,

I am very new to the whoile CFD arena. I am a keen model aeroplane flier and have statred to write a small program that will allow me and my friends to look a little closer at different airfoils and their behaviour. I have gotten to the point where i can solve and display the pressure and velocity distribution accross a 2D airfloil. Next i need to be able to do some boundary layer calculations but my knowledge of this is limited as i studied electronic engineering.

Is there someone who would be willing to trade code ? ( not that mine is rocket science compared to waht people here are discussing ) or give some code to me with which i can solve the boundary layer equations for an airfoil?


John C. Chien September 3, 1998 12:22

Re: Boundary Layers on 2D shapes
You maybe able to find the code to solve boundary layer equations from some Fluid Mechanics or Boundary Layer Theory related books. Nowadays, it is considered classic topics. Using the books ( or textbooks ) you can also learn the theory and techniques step-by-step. First, try to identify some names of the master in the boundary layer theory field, then search for books they published. Then check out the books to see which one will fit your need from a nearby college or university.

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