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Andy R August 4, 2008 14:57

Annotation from TUI
Folks, I found some Scheme commands on the support portal to place annotations. I have.

(cx-use-window 0) (cx-annotate '() '(0.0 1.0 0.0) "v<" "MyTextString") (cx-changed 'scene-list)

Now the portal indicates that the three floating point numbers are screen coords which go from -1 to 1. And that is clearly not the case. I have tried various values. These seem to be global coords. Any way to find out what the current screen extents are?? Any way to force it to some sort of XY values?

This is a typically silly cortex issue.

Damn I miss Prostar. -Andy R

Andy R August 4, 2008 17:03

Sorry Wrong Forum
Sorry Folks Meant to put this in the Fluent Forum - Andy R

SteveF August 5, 2008 11:59

Re: Annotation from TUI
Come back from the dark side Andy. There is still time.

Steve F.

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