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Ta minh November 18, 1999 07:32

Hi,I am a french student in modelling. I am looking for some information about viscous drag reduction using riblets on aircrafts wings and numerical simulation of this phenomenon. Lots of Thanks for your help.

John C. Chien November 18, 1999 13:06

Re: riblets
(1). There are many websites information available. (2). Try to type " riblets drag reduction " into webservers such as Yahoo or the like. Then you can visit each one to find the details.

clifford bradford November 22, 1999 12:54

Re: riblets
also their is/was a professor at Kansas State university (i think the aero dept) who did experimental research in this area. i don't remember his name but someone there can put you on his track . i'm pretty sure NASA has done research in this area as well. they'll probably have some search method on one of their homepages.

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