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Javier November 18, 1999 13:03

Skin Friction Data
Dear all, I am looking for skin friction data around airfoils at subsonic speeds, specially those which favour natural transition inside the boundary layer. I am looking for a large amount of data against which I can validate my numerical models. If any body knows of a good test case in which skin-friction is also recorded (and not only pressure coefficients) I would be very grateful if you could let me know the details (references and airfoil geometry). Specially, if somebody has come accross the paper by Mateer et al. (AIAA J. Vol.34, No.2, 1996) and has a detailed geometric description about the airfoil which they used I would be very grateful if you could let me know. They offer a huge amount of Cf data but no name to the airfoil. Thanks in advance, Javier

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