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pankaj saha August 8, 2008 18:28

request to Tom--LES in Channel flow

First of all , thanks to agg and tom. My, Re is 205. And , my resolution near the wall is 0.68 wall unit. Still, according to agg, i will try, with Re=180.

How, could i understand , my intial condition is divergence free or not?

As, i am using a profile like below for i.c----

u(x,y,z)=(1-y^8)+10*(rand(iseed)-0.5) v(x,y,z)=0.0 w(x,y,z)=0.0

rand(iseed) will give value between 0,1.

So, my disturbence is -5,+5 at random values.

Could, you please, tell me , whethere, this field is satisfying continuity or not? ------------------------------------------------------

Tom, is my random disturbence fullfill the necessary large scale and amplitude.

tom, could you please, tell me what is the exact expression for i.c condition you , used.

Do, you give v=0.0, w=0.0 or anything else.


Could you please, send me the expression you used.

one more thing---how you specify the mean pressure gradient?

I have used dp/dx=1.0, beccause, my code is nondimesionalized by half channel height and friction velocity. am i correct?

or what else you are using?

neilashkumar August 9, 2008 05:38

Re: request to Tom--LES in Channel flow *NM*

pankaj saha August 11, 2008 04:09

Re: request to Tom--LES in Channel flow

you did not post anything.

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