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khairul hadi August 20, 2008 17:06

problem meshing in GAMBIT
hi all...

I a little bit problem in meshing by using GAMBIT software...

My project is need to determine laminar flow in rectangular minichannel ( 1mm x 1mm )...

after done drawing 1mm x 1mm square, then face it, then i try mesh face and choose interval count = 100, so as the result i get as this

why it show curve at 4 corners? why this happen? how can i fix it? or it is normal so small size?

then i try meshing with same shape but this time is 1m x 1m, an as a result, i get this


its look ok this curves around its 4 corner...

so anyone, please help me to fix this...or any idea? thanks for read.. best regard :)

khairul hadi August 20, 2008 17:13

Re: problem meshing in GAMBIT
i am sory..

the picture for the 1mm x 1mm mesh is

and 1m x 1m

thanks again :) help me pls some 1

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