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hanman August 22, 2008 05:59

best software for the simulation of propulsion
Hi to every one,

Even though i know very well about CFD, but I dont have much knowledge in commercial prouducts in CFD like like Fluent, CFX and Numeca etc..why because still now i used inhouse developed code for my simulations.. Now our company want to start new CFD group for simulation of Pumps and Propulsion systems.. we want to purchase one commencial software,, i want to know which one will be the best for simulating propulsion(let it be aero or marine propulsion), hydraulic pump simulation ..


sa August 24, 2008 14:53

Re: best software for the simulation of propulsion
mostly people say CFX, But personelly i dont see any difference in solver part as both solves the same NS Equations. But in my experience Fluent requires more iterations to converge than CFX, but the CFX takes more time per iteration so the net difference/advantage is little.

but CFX has specialized meshing preprocessor TurboGrid which makes the life very easy, on the other hand Gambit (preprocessor of Fluent) is difficult to use. Moreover the quality of mesh is also superb in case of turbogrid. But the Gambit gives the flexibility, control and feel of visibility which Turbogrid does not.

Post precessor of CFX might be good but I feel confortable with Fluent post processor as it (again) provides me the ease, control, flexibility which CFX does not provide due to its full automatic nature of working.

Hope this makes things clear to you ( also why I said previously that Fluent is good)

P.s. I have very good control on gambit and i can make mesh of any type and quality as the Turbogrid can. But due to manual procedure it takes long time as compared to CFX.

doki August 25, 2008 00:15

Re: best software for the simulation of propulsion
As a matter of fact, I think CFX is limited just to steady problems, and if you need to go on unsteady problems too, you should use fluent. one other benefit of fluent is that it is a really generic solver, which means you can perform far different modelings with it. But CFX seems a little specialized to some applications. generally I think Fluent is a better choice.

CFD Student August 26, 2008 08:49

Re: best software for the simulation of propulsion
You might try CFD-ACE as well.

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