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Praveen Chandrashekar November 21, 1999 05:08

Store separation

I would like to get some online or published literature on "Store separation and Trajectory Prediction". I would be grateful if any of you can suggest some sources. Thanks in advance Praveen

John Chien November 21, 1999 23:08

Re: Store separation
(1). There have been some CFD simulation using overlapped mesh scheme. (2). In general, 3-D transient, moving boundary simulation is computational intensive. (3). On Internet, you can do search on "chimera grid cfd", you should be able to find the related websites.

clifford bradford November 22, 1999 12:50

Re: Store separation
also CFDRC has some movies from a store separation off a F/A 18 that they did with overset grids on their page . they may also have some papers online or that they can email to you on the topic

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