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Peter August 28, 2008 04:40

Maybe somebody can give some hint. I;m running Fire on claster machine. system: open suse after the starting calculation i obtain error: Permission denied. mpirun: Warning one more more remote shell commands exited with non-zero status, which may indicate a remote access problem.

rsh is set up, but meybe i forgot about somethink. i can login from one comp to another without pass... some idea?? thanks:)

doki September 4, 2008 04:41

Re: MPIrun... AVL FIRE
well, as it is self explanatory, it can be because you may not have permission of read/write on the remote cpu, or even the romote cpu is not defined correctly to the code. that might not be related to your ability to log on to the remote comp. make sure that 1. you have defined the remote comp specifications correctly in the setup 2. you have permission to access all the drives in the host and remote comp.s 3. you have the permission to use remote system for your calculations hope it helped you!

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