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Ola Lindgren September 3, 1998 11:24

wall-laws for k-epsilon and velocity
I am trying to solve the flowfield through a heatsink channel and have simpified the equations to flow against the plane only one velocity component + k and epsilon. The flow are driven by a pressure gradient. I 'am using the time to solve for the third dimension. I'am wondering if anybody now of good wall-laws for u,k,eps that can be used for his type of problem.

Andrew Twynam September 10, 1998 10:05

Re: wall-laws for k-epsilon and velocity
Hello Ola

I represent a software company called FLOMERICS LTD. We specialise in developing software to solve electronics cooling problems using CFD. Our premiere product is called FLOTHERM, it is the most widely used software package of it's type (~85% market share - worldwide).

You might be interested to learn more about FLOTHERM as a lot of the applications involve heatsink flow and heat transfer. In the first instance please visit our website,

We have a list of technical papers within the FLOTHERM technical literature pages. Some of these papers may be of interest to you in solving your problem.

Please contact me if you require any further information,

Kind Regards,


Pete Anderson September 10, 1998 10:14

Re: wall-laws for k-epsilon and velocity
Hi Andrew!

What kind of wall-laws would Flomerics recommend then? Are you only using wall-laws in your codes or do you have any other alternatives? Perhaps you could give some details on how you have implemented the wall-laws?

Robin Bornoff September 10, 1998 11:21

Re: wall-laws for k-epsilon and velocity

Flomerics uses a novel treatment to modify the eddy viscosity as you move away from a wall based on the local y+ and u+ variation. Heat transfer from the wall surface is based on standard Stanton number relationships coupled with Jayatilleke's resistance functions.

The advantages of our wall function treatment is available to any user of Flotherm.


Dr. Robin Bornoff

Consultant Engineer

Flomerics Ltd.

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