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Khanh September 15, 2008 08:26

How to run the 2D Euler equation code
I am currently studying the book: Computational Fluid Dynamics: Principle and Application, by J.Blazek.

I would like to know the ways to run the code: "struct2D" given in the CD attached with the book.

I have opened a project, then add all the file in "src" into the project.

When it is compiled and built, there is no error.

When it is run, it appears only the phrase: "SOLUTION OF 2-D EULER/NAVIER-STOKES EQUATIONS ON STRUCTURED GRIDS, J. Blazek, Version 1.5 from Dec" on the command windows. The execution suspend from this event.

I didn't see any selection for inputing the parameters later on.

Please give me a help Thank you in advance

A.S. September 30, 2008 12:53

Re: How to run the 2D Euler equation code

Can you provide me the codes, I can have a look and advice you on it. If your can provide me the airfoil and cascade grid generator it will be nice.



gchnhn November 3, 2011 05:32

I have the same problem as you do
but it's not the program's fault
look into the code, you will know that it's waitting for you entering some control parameters and file names

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