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Anna Davis September 17, 2008 05:34

Modelling wind through trees
Hi All,

My name is Anna Davis and I'm a new grad in the Environmental Physics team at Arup. I have been set the task of attempting to find a general but accurate way of modelling wind through trees. This is so the group can adopt one strategy that they feel is the most accurate representation. If anyone has any knowledge about wind through trees, or have indeed modelled this scenario I would appreciate all information. Currently the team models trees as blocks on the ground. My initial thoughts are floating blocks (blocks of course mean that trees do not have to be modelled individually) with varying porosity across the volume to simulate the change in canopy density from the top of the tree to the bottom of the canopy, hopefully achieving a greater reduction of velocity at the centre of the canopy than at the top and bottom.

Any comments on this potential technique and the subject in general would be really appreciated.



Q September 17, 2008 08:33

Re: Modelling wind through trees
suggest modelling as porous objects with effective viscosity multiplier. Thus flow through the tree canopy connects via this viscosity multiplier to a zero flow BC. The effect will be regions in your domain where flow is retarded to near 0 velocity

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