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wiroj November 24, 1999 07:00

potential flow
Dear all!

I am interested in potential flow and seek a good commercial software to solve it. Have any suggest for this?? The application example is flow past ship in 3-D.

Thanks wiroj

Mohammad Kermani November 24, 1999 15:29

Re: potential flow
PMARC. I am not sure which Nasa, may be langely, has it. It is also free.

Detlef Schulze December 16, 1999 07:20

Re: potential flow
The swedish company FLOWTECH AB offers a commercial code called Shipflow to calculate the flowfied aroud shiphulls. The following features are included: -) Potential flow 3d for deeply submerged bodies. -) Potential flow 3d taking the free surface into account (linear and non-linear) -) Boundary layer flow -) RANSE flow for the stern part All modules can be invoked independently of each other.

Best regards Detlef

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