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Athar November 24, 1999 15:07

Transition Modeling using CFX4.2
I just want to know whether anyone has done transition modeling for separated flows using Low-Reynolds number K-W in CFX 4.2. I tried doing it but the model is not designed to handle transition problem. Some of the coefficient in the source term have to be modified ( Wilcox 1998). This can be done using USRSRC but I just want to know whether anyone has tried doing it successfully for separated confined flow problems. Thanks Athar

Jonas Larsson November 24, 1999 16:02

Re: Transition Modeling using CFX4.2
Transition modeling in separated flows... that sounds too difficult for a two-equation model. My experience is that on real-life applications two-equation models are not capable of predicting transition correctly, although they in theory could predict by-pass transition (transition caused by diffusion of turbulent energe from the free-stream into the boundary layer). I've used both the standard k-w model and the "transition optimised" k-w model trying to predict transtion on turbine blades, none worked well. Haven't used CFX though.

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