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Perumal September 22, 2008 05:16

Streamfunction-vorticity method - Pressure find
Hi, I want to calculate poisson equation for pressure by stream function-vorticity formulation (lid-driven cavity problem). I got velity results accurately. Pressure contours i am not getting correctly. I tried two ways to calculate pressure but both are not working

1. velocity form

2. discretized form of poisson eqn for pressure.

Anybody calculated pressure by steam function-vorticity formulation (finite difference method)? Hope a favorable reply.

Harish September 23, 2008 14:43

Re: Streamfunction-vorticity method - Pressure fin
The derivation of the pressue poisson equation for the streamfunction vorticity formulation is provided in most of the standard CFD books (anderson et. al, roach) or you can also search for papers and student CFD projects for the equation. Regarding the magniture of the pressure it depends on the BC and the kind of discretiation you employ.

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