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is it possible September 22, 2008 20:38

Can some one free lance as CFD supplier
hi, Is there any one who is free lancing in CFD for meshing / solving using comercial softwares? Is it possible (and viable) to buy a personal copy of solver like star or fluent and use it comercially as a free lancer?

Charles September 24, 2008 04:48

Re: Can some one free lance as CFD supplier
Yes you can, and there are lots of people doing it. The viability is, however, almost entirely dependent on "networking". That is, you need to know people in order to get work. Once people know that you can do the work, they will contract you to do it. So it would be very difficult to get into the market without first having worked in the industry to establish your credentials. Also, there is no such thing as a "personal copy" of the commercial software tools. You will be paying more or less the same as the commercial clients. Cash flow is a serious issue, and be prepared to hand over a very large chunk of your revenue to the software vendors. Some of the suppliers are quite understanding, and will license software to you on the basis of a monthly lease. It goes without saying that you need to cultivate a very good relationship with these suppliers! No doubt somebody will now jump on the Open Source soapbox .... I guess it is possible, but you need to develop yourself as a master of OpenFOAM (or whatever) BEFORE you try to get clients to pay for work using it.

Venkatesh V September 24, 2008 09:13

Re: Can some one free lance as CFD supplier

I am Venkatesh from India. If you have a CFD problem we can help you in solving using commerical software for a fraction of money what big consulting companies charge. If you need further details please contact me at

Thanks Venkatesh V

Steve September 24, 2008 11:37

Re: Can some one free lance as CFD supplier
Venkatesh, which commercial software do you have?

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