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James Lam September 22, 2008 23:35

Pipe flow simulation

I'm totally new to Ansys ICEM CFD and CFX, and there are some questions I would like to ask. I'm using Ansys ICEM CFD v11 and CFX v11.

I'm going to simulate pipe flow, and I have created a "solid column" model with SolidWorks and saves it as IGES file.

Then I import this geometry to Ansys ICEM CFD by "File -> Import Geometry -> STEP/IGES"

After that, I generate the mesh by going to the "Mesh" menu and select "Compute Mesh", and let the program to do all the settings for me.

However, I do not know how to export the mesh to Ansys CFX to continue the simulation.

Could anyone tell me all the steps?

Thanks, Lam

gallon September 23, 2008 08:24

Re: Pipe flow simulation
export the mesh to cfx: output > select solver, then choose the solver you want to use. BTW:if you want to generate structural mesh,the steps you generate mesh is not so good. please read the tutorial of ICEM.

mawia adam.m October 9, 2008 07:12

Re: Pipe flow simulation *NM*

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