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jay September 24, 2008 05:34

pressure drop
Hi all I have one system (take water jacket as an example). and I do CFD analysis by defining pressure outlet (say 2 bar) and get some pressure drop (say 25 %). Now if I change this outlet pressure (say reducing to 1.5 bar), then will I get reduction in pressuredrop??? pls let me know, if any one has idea. my query is if I reduce outlet pressure then will it reduce my overall pressure drop??? On which parameters overall pressure drop depends???

Thanx all for taking interest.

wrath of god September 24, 2008 09:27

Re: pressure drop
if the flow is incompressible then the outlet pressure is irrelevent. One should get the same pressure drop across the device irrespective of the pressure you set as long as it remains incompressible.

the overall pressure drop will depend on your mass flow and the resitance to it through the device

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