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Nitin Bhagat November 25, 1999 09:00

Test Cases to validate 2D Euler Schemes
I have written 8 Schemes to solve 2D Euler Problems, and am planning to add some more. Right now I am looking for test cases to check how my code responses to them. One I have tested is BUMP PROBLEM. Are there any, what are they????

Praveen Chandrashekar November 25, 1999 09:50

Re: Test Cases to validate 2D Euler Schemes
These are standard cases.

1 NACA0012

Mach AOA

0.63 2.0

0.80 1.25

0.85 1.0

1.20 0.0

2 Semicylinder, mach=3.0

3 Cylinder, low mach number, something like 0.1

4 Flow over a ramp, which will have an oblique shock, expansion fan, and shock reflection.

clifford bradford November 30, 1999 19:39

Re: Test Cases to validate 2D Euler Schemes
hi nitin, i worked with some fellows who were developing a euler code. to start off they did a lot of problems that had analytical solutions. some of them might seem exceedingly simple but since you know the answer you can make perfect compariosn to results. while the NACA 0012 is a well tested airfoil (as are the ONERA M6 and a certain RAE foil) comparing euler results to experimental data doesn't always make sense since the experimental results are viscous (real) while the euler results are inviscid (idealised). good test cases include 1-d shock tube (very basic but good), compresssion ramps , expansion corners (typical table solution), subsonic flow over a cylinder (you should of course have perfect pressure recovery and a symmetric flow field). there are a few other test problems you might want to work on. things you should look for include: constant (zero) entropy (or vorticity) for shock free flows, constant stagnation temperatures for all flows, zero drag on closed bodies, and grid independence. also you could test your boundary conditions using acoustic simulations to test for non reflection (if you're using non reflecting BC). i think it's best to stick to problems with analytical solutions. good luck.

clifford bradford December 7, 1999 20:03

Re: Test Cases to validate 2D Euler Schemes
could you send me information on your code

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