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Krish September 29, 2008 18:43

combustion modeling help
Is there anyone who are familar with source term coming from combustion, chemical reaction or turbulent modeling? I am a new developer writing my 3d code to simulate the combustion.

please help

amie sulleh November 2, 2008 18:10

Re: combustion modeling help
Hi my name is Amie Sulleh and i really want to become a model but the only problem is that im not that skinny and im not that tall, can you please help me? thatnk you

Allan Walsh November 3, 2008 16:43

Re: combustion modeling help
A good combustion model should be really hot, otherwise you won't get much reaction. While the aspect ratio (height to width) in a combustion model may vary quite a bit, other aspects of the geometry are important. You will want good grid refinement in the regions of interest. Orthoganal coordinates may give too blocky a shape so I would recommend some kind of body-fitted coordinates. Use of nurbs will give a pleasing figure. Also, choose your inputs and outputs (boundary conditions) carefully.

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