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Thomas P. Abraham November 29, 1999 18:57

Diffusion Coefficients
Hello Everyone:

I am working on a problem which involves pure mixing without anyone reaction. The fluids used are ethylene glycol and water. Can you anyone help me in estimating the value of the diffusion coefficient bewteen these two fluids?



Nigel Smith November 30, 1999 04:47

Re: Diffusion Coefficients's quite obvious when you think about it.

it's roughy 0.789.

I worked it out....

Thomas P. Abraham November 30, 1999 06:00

Re: Diffusion Coefficients
Hi Nigel,

Can you please me know the procedure and formulas used to arrive at this value?



Jin Wook LEE December 2, 1999 07:01

Re: Diffusion Coefficients
Dear Thomas

I do not have exact data but diffusion coefficients of solute in the water(solvent) is order of 10^(-5) If your problrm is turbulent flow(usual case), approximate value might be O.K. because turbulent diffusion is predominat, maybe as large as 'order of 10^2 ~ 10^3' than molecular diffusion.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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