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john October 18, 2008 15:28

A question (water droplet)
Hello. I'm considering a water droplet on a solid surface. I need velocity distribution of the water. I'm thinking 2D. Also, the boundary condition is non-slip and no penetration on the wall. The domain is rectangular, and the outside of the water is air.

In this case, how should I do model and what kind of source code is proper? I'm wodering how I can separate the water droplet and air distribution? By material property such as viscosity, density? Then, I have to have nodal based Re?


Saverio October 25, 2008 03:42

Re: A question (water droplet)
Perhaps you can say more about the problem. When you say 2D, do you mean you want to consider an axi-symmetric flow? Or do you want to model a cross-section of a long strip of fluid? What question are you trying to ask? As your problem is stated, it sounds like your drop will simply choose its shape in order to minimize its surface area (via surface tension, and a specified contact angle), and there will be no flow as the system is in equilibrium. Or will you specify the initial shape?

So.. can you give more details?

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