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Mujahid S. Suhaeb December 1, 1999 02:43

'Looking for freelance code Writer'
I am looking for someone who would like to spend their spare time (or full time)or to Software Developer Companies who can offer me to write or develop a code about 'Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction Control'

I'll be very appreciate for any response.

Regards, Mujahid

andy December 2, 1999 08:55

Re: 'Looking for freelance code Writer'
The purpose of the software is not clear to me from your brief posting.

(1) Do you want software to control some aspect of shock/boundary layer interaction? If so, what?

(2) Do you want software which simulates the physical process of shocks and boundary layers? If so, at what level of empiricism? (i.e. 1D or 2D design code with high level of empiricism, 3D RANS code, 3D LES code or DNS code?).

(3) Is the software for commercial exploitation or research?.

Mujahid S. Suhaeb December 2, 1999 22:16

Re: 'Looking for freelance code Writer'
Hi Wang, Andy, and Javier Thank you all for your interest on my enquiry.

Would you all please review my posted message under subject: 'CFD Analysis for Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction Control-HELP'. Posted first time dated on Nov 30, 1999.

I actually already have some comments and suggestions from John Chien, Clifford Bradford, and Doug Hudsond (I would like to thank for these there kindly guys for their respond and hepls), but I am still want to have another comments and suggestion. Forget the enquiry about 'looking for code witer' for the time being.

Best Regards to you all Mujahid

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