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Bak_Flow November 10, 2008 16:57

Floating ball on free surface validations
Dear Main Forum,

I am working on a case for which I need to do some validation. The case is a transient air-water tank with a ball floating on the surface initially. The geometry is 2-D axi-symmetric, transient and the ball position is solved with a 6 dof solver which really collapses to 1 dof solver due to the symmetries.

The objective of the simulation is to determine the ball position as a function of time for various tank sizes and initial conditions. Initially the ball is floating on water: sg of the ball is about 0.85 but as the tank empties the hydrodynamic forces on the ball pull it below the water level and it seals in the bottom.

Does anybody know of some vaidation work which involves some or all of the physics:

free surface solution in a tank which is draining/presurized and/or floating ball validation in a tank.

Thanks in advance.............Bak_Flow

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