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ghlee September 3, 1998 22:53

Stator & Rotor interaction

I search for any paper containg incompressilbe

stator-rotor interaction in turbomachinery....

I'm looking forward to your reply...


Blind eye September 4, 1998 00:56

Re: Stator & Rotor interaction
Contact CFDRC, maker of CFD-ACE, then you may find resources of Turbomachinery application. In Korea, Kyungwon Tech is distributing it. Its E-mail address is I hope you will get the information about turbomachinery. Thank you.

Joern Beilke September 7, 1998 08:58

Re: Stator & Rotor interaction

I did this kind of simulation using StarCD. There is an mgep of the 3d transient flow (sliding mesh calculation) where you can see the wall pressure fluctuations in a side-channel-fan on my home-page (

The rotor-stator interaction is a by-product of a transient calculation of a complete turbomachine.

Just send me an email if you have specific questions. An article about this work is on the way.


Erik Torbergsen September 9, 1998 11:56

Re: Stator & Rotor interaction
Try a paper by Ubaldi et al. "An experimental investigation of stator induced unsteadiness on centrifugal impeller outflow" ASME Paper 94 - GT- 105, 1994.

It is a nice CFD testcase for transient impeller/diffuser interactions. I have been simulating the interactions by the use of CFX4 with good agreement.

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