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Bestrcsekhar November 21, 2008 05:47

help me in solving my project
hello, i am doing project on "overtopping wave energy convector" using fluent software.I am new to this software.For this first i have to model a numerical water tank of two phase model.(air,water).and then i has to use DEFINE_CG_MOTION and describe my boundary condition i.e, wave maker boundary conditions,and then i have to find the discharge characteristics of the different overtopping devices.

how to diffreniate the two phase model using gambit and what are the boundry conditions i should use for the interface and wave maker boundary.

Any tutorials are available for solving this,if so pls help me

Pauli November 22, 2008 13:51

Re: help me in solving my project

Ahmed November 22, 2008 14:52

Re: help me in solving my project
In the past, this web page used to be accessible to everyone, (I mean the page with all the student tutorials) do you know why it is hidden now Thanks

Bestrcsekhar November 27, 2008 00:42

Re: help me in solving my project

thanks a lot for your reply

i went through the wave tank tutorial given by fluent. i have a doubt regarding that, the function given in that C program which defines the movement of the wall, what is its relation with the wavelength, amplitude and the time period of the wave.

i want the wave of amplitude 1m and 2m in a water depth of 20m .so how should i modify the c program given there

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