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Mahesh Prakash December 2, 1999 23:55

looking for LB code
Hi All,

I was wondering whether I could have access to a source code for the Lattice Boltzmann scheme. If anyone has got a site or details about how I can get such a code please write back.


David Freed December 8, 1999 17:14

Re: looking for LB code
Can you tell me what you'd like it for? If so I may be able to help.

mahesh prakash December 8, 1999 19:02

Re: looking for LB code
Hi David,

I am trying to simulate heat and mass transfer in horticulural products stored in containers. I found from the literature that people have started using the Lattice Boltzmann method for such problems. However I do not have the time, right now, to write my code from scratch. I would be grateful if you could help me to find a source code for such problems.


Dave F. December 9, 1999 02:24

Re: looking for LB code

Sounds like you have a non-trivial geometry for your case, which means you need a commercial code, no matter what method the underlying solver uses. This requires a budget, unfortunately.

Regarding Lattice Boltzmann, I am not aware that anyone has used it yet to do flow with heat and mass transfer, especially for a "real" problem. Exa's PowerFlow product will be able to do some heat transfer in its next release, but not mass transfer (maybe next release after that). And believe me even if you could get the source code it would be uselessly complex, mainly due to the arbitrary surface geometry capabilities and heavy duty optimization.

Sorry for the pessimism. If you wanted a simple version of the basic LB algorithm I could probably help with that, I have written a few myself. I am just a hacker but the basic fluid algorithm is incredibly simple.

Mahesh Prakash December 9, 1999 18:35

Re: looking for LB code
Dear David,

Thanks a lot for your advice. I will be quite happy with the few lines of code that you have, since I am just trying to experiment with this technique. I have been using a finite volume in-house code for my problems but I felt that the LB method might be more suitable for some of my problems. Is it possible for you to email me the basic code as an attachment?

Again Thanks a lot.


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