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Heewon Lee December 4, 2008 21:02

Looking for SUBOFF model but i can't find it.
Hello. Glad to meet you.

well, I am going to do some calculation to validate whether my in-lab code is valid or not with SUBOFF body shape.

but i cannot find where the body shape is and where i can download it.

well, exactly, i have some 'pictures' of SUBOFF body but as you know, simple picture will not help that much. so i wish i can find CAD data like IGES format or something.

where can i find CAD data or SUBOFF body?

waiting for your answer.

emreg December 8, 2011 16:12

i need also these models.. i am looking for any help.


Greenish December 13, 2011 17:13


Summary of DARPA SUBOFF Experimental Program Data by Liu et al.

emreg November 11, 2012 18:02

Any experimental results for hydrodynamic coeffi. of any underwater vehicle ?
Hi again,

i would like to investigate the hydrodynamic motion behaviour of underwater vehicles. However first of all i have to validate my simulation code. Therefore i need some experimental results of any vehicle for those coefficients like coefficients in yaw, roll, pitch,sway etc.

Do anybody know a source for this requirement?

siw June 29, 2014 08:00

I'm resurrecting this old topic because I too am looking for a CAD model of the DARPA SUBOFF model - which I cannot find anywhere. Does anyone have this model as a CAD file that can be shared?

I've read through the paper cited in a post above and that explains the geometry in detail but I do not have a CAD package (e.g. SolidWorks) to make it myself.


linnemann August 7, 2014 14:19


See here

You need Salome

siw September 9, 2014 08:55

I'm trying the make the SUBOFF geometry following the paper referenced above in the post by Greenish. I'm doing this in SolidWorks to then make a mesh using Pointwise.

Has anyone tried this? As far as I can tell the SUBOFF paper does not state the span of the fins. I'm also having difficulty making the curved surface on the top of the sail. Any help would be appreciated.

talhanaimrao March 5, 2017 14:36

Do you have cad model? I can help you in meshing.

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