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Jacob A December 7, 2008 12:39

Software possibilities
Hello all. I'm a student interning at a company that uses FloWizard. They're trying to build me up to be their 'fluids guy', apparently. I've been using this program a lot and am not at all impressed with it. Half the time it just errors out either during meshing or during the calculation stages while eating up large portions of our precious 300 hours time on the RSolve servers. The damn thing will error out with the simplest of shapes...

Anyway, I have some linux experience as well as some programming experience in C/C++, and am looking for any sort of free/open source replacement. It looks like this OpenFOAM is a good choice, but rather than just picking one and taking off, I'd like to get some opinions from people who aren't entirely new to this field, like myself. I'm currently trying to learn the finite volume method, Navier-Stokes equation, k-epsilon turbulence, things like that.

What I'm really looking for is something similar to FloWizard that can take a model, set boundary conditions to surfaces and give graphical output of pressures and temperatures vs position. Pathlines and velocities would be nice too, but right now I'll take what I can get.

Thanks in advance for all advice...


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