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Kate December 4, 1999 10:12

drug delivery to tumors using CFD
Can anyone please provide me with literature petating to drug delivery to tumors using CFD where the simulation geometry is constructed by CT Scan and MRI pictures of tumors for brain and liver. I also need information on how the transient profiles of interstitial fluid pressure, velocity, and drug concentration are computed from the model. Thanx a million.

Keyvan December 21, 1999 19:33

Re: drug delivery to tumors using CFD

We have solved a model of tumor drug delivery using our CFD software at Fluent Inc.: Banerjee, R. K., et al. "Numerical simulation of antibody penetration in a solid tumor nodule using finite element method" ASME, Bioengineering, BED-Vol. 39, 1998, 117-118. This was modeled using FIDAP with the geometry approximated as sphere.

There are several papers on anatomically accurate flow modeling for which the geometry is obtained from CT or MRI data, e.g., a work also done at Fluent: Banerjee, R. K., et al., "Direct flow analysis on a reconstructed 3D image of a physiologic porcine aortic trifurcation" " ASME, Bioengineering, BED-Vol. 43, 1999, 81-82.

I'm currently working on rapid anatomical reconstruction from imaging data and transport modeling for drug delivery analysis among other applications. I'd be glad to discuss this with you in more detail.


Keyvan Keyhani

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