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xwwang December 4, 1999 11:39

two-phase flow in cyclone
I am calculating the two phase flow in the cyclone separators using FLUENT . I want to calculate the two-phase flow to predict the efficiency of the cyclone. The two-phase model may be Discrete phase model using the Random Walk Model or the Algebric Slip Model. I encountered some problems in the calculating prosess.Could someone help me? I will be very grateful for your help.

reyman December 4, 1999 12:21

Re: two-phase flow in cyclone
Have you considered LES or solution of full navier stokes so that particle trajectories are calculated classically and not with statistical averaging? It would be interesting to compare the two basic ways of determining theoretical sampler efficiency against experiment. Are you also considering that as well? Its always good to start with laminar models -which you may have already done- even for swirling flow as would be expected occur in a cyclone since the solution of full n.s. will still result in vortices. And, final comment is that if you're interested in cyclone collection efficiency are you concerned with internal flow within the cylone, or just the particle trajectories as they enter the cyclone, i.e. is it a question of inlet efficiency (outside the cylone) or separation efficiency (inside the cyclone), or both?

Jin Wook LEE December 6, 1999 07:16

Re: two-phase flow in cyclone
Dear Friend

I have had some experience for cyclone simulation. Would you let me know what are your problem in detail ? I might give you some useful information.

Sincerely, Jinwook

arjun3020 March 1, 2012 08:19


i want to find efficiency of cyclone.
i have following issues.
1. in DPM tab i found three types of Boundary conditions escape, trap,
reflect. for inlet of cyclone i have used trap condition, for dust
outlet i have used trap, for gas outlet i have used escape, for wall i
have used reflect. is is write? (i am not sure for Dust outlet and gas

2. how to calculate efficiency?
i have set the injection from inlet in DPM, but i kept it off at the
start of run, after sometime i switch that on.
i have all details of particle size and numbers.

please give me the detail information regarding the same.

if you have some case please share with me.
Thank you for anticipation.

jnana March 8, 2016 06:30

dpm in heavy rain
Arjun can i know your email id so i wanna discuss some dpm relatedb
problems with you

ebtedaei July 8, 2016 07:28

Dear All,

I want to simulate industrial cyclone separators by MPPICFoam too. For that, I draw a cyclone configuration in SolidWork and producted a STL file, Now I should product grids (meshes) by editing blockMeshDict and then snappyHexMesh...

1- How should I change the blockMeshDict file (vertices, blocks, edges, boundary...) of OpenFoam example and then snappyHexMesh?

2- Should I change the dimensions of the industrial cyclone in OpenFoam?

please help me.


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