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stud December 12, 2008 08:45

udf on parallel fluent
hi, when i run parallel fluent and execute my udf I have no problem but I have no result. this is my udf.. I don't find the problem. DEFINE_ON_DEMAND(asus) {

#if !RP_HOST Domain *d = Get_Domain(1); int ID=18; cell_t c; face_t f; #endif Thread *t=Lookup_Thread(d,ID); /* Thread *tt=Lookup_Thread(d, ID);*/ int i,ntot; #if PARALLEL int pe; #endif

real x[ND_ND]; #if !RP_NODE FILE *fp; fp=fopen("temperature.dat","w");


zeta= z0+delta/2.; i=ntot=0;

zeta= z0+delta/2.; i=ntot=0; #if RP_NODE do {

/*thread_loop_c (t,d) {*/

begin_c_loop_int (c,t)



if ((x[2]<(zeta+toll)) && (x[2]>(zeta-toll)))


t = C_T(c,t);

u = C_W(c,t);

sum_t += C_VOLUME(c,t)*C_R(c,t)*teta*ustar;

sum_u += C_VOLUME(c,t)*C_R(c,t)*ustar;



end_c_loop_int (c,t)

tetab[i] =sum_t/sum_u ;

zeta +=delta;


i++; } while(zeta<zout); #endif

} #if !RP_NODE do {

fprintf(fp,"%g %g\n",zeta,tetab[i]);

zeta +=delta; ntot=i; i++; }while (zeta<zout); fclose(fp); #endif

} can you help me?

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