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Morshed Alam December 18, 2008 08:27

Simulation of Supersonic flow
Hi all, I am Morshed from swinburne university of technology, Australia. I am using AVL fire to simulate supersonic flow from the exit of the nozzle. I am getting some result but the problem is I have to use very small time step and because of that my case.fla file is becoming very large. A message is showing in the case.fla file which is"Unable to locate specified memory" Does anyone know how to reduce the size of the case.fla file or how to solve this problem? please help me. I am new to CFD. I started on April 2008.

Hanif December 18, 2008 14:14

Re: Simulation of Supersonic flow
Try Zeus Numerix CFD Expert

Ahmed December 18, 2008 16:34

Re: Simulation of Supersonic flow
I can give some pointers to help you, but I am not familiar with the programme you are using, nevertheless, and from your description, I guess you are using some kind of explicit segregated scheme (using very small time step is a stability restriction imposed by these schemes). Does your programme have a coupled solver? If you do not know the answer, check the documentation or ask your mentor. Super sonic flows are best simulated by coupled solvers, you can start with high value of the Courant number and then decreasing its value as the solution proceeds, Good luck.

Benarji December 24, 2008 06:13

Re: Simulation of Supersonic flow
I think the problem is with your Saving Interval File. Don't save the Case file for each 10/20 iterations or 1s/2s, go for larger time saving iterval. I think with this will work.

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