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Ahmed January 14, 2009 01:01

To Web Master, Johnas, Peter , a new scam
Since you are in the process of modernizing and updating the software used to run the forum, I wish you consider a stricter controls concerning the communications between the members of the forum. This is motivated by the following email that I received.

The following email was sent to you via the CFD Online, Main Discussion Forum from cc at IP address.

************************************************** *************************

Re: WEBMASTER: any way to put a stop to this garba


Nice to meet you!

I want to transfer a license of GridPro.I have found a company.But because of the crisis,my company have to turned off,and I have to transfer the license.

Thank you very much!

************************************************** ************************

Clearly it is a stupid Scam intent, so please warn the readers of the forum.

If it helps you, I can forward the original email.

Cheers and Good Luck

Peter January 14, 2009 05:43

Re: To Web Master, Johnas, Peter , a new scam
Thanks for the alert. I looked in the logs and the same message was sent to several other forum visitors also. We have banned the offending user from CFD Online.

It is very difficult to completely avoid this kind of personal messages in a forum that allows personal messages. It is impossiple to know what a message contains exactly. What you can do is to ban certain words and phrases, you can let users disable personal messages to themself if they do not want any and you can make it possible to only send personal messages if you are a registered user. Hopefully that will be enough to minimize this type of problems.

We do get this kind of mail problems now and then, but it still hasn't been a big problem. Spam posts on the forum is a much bigger problem. The work on switching to a new forum software is progressing well. I am now working on the layout and integrating it into the rest of the CFD Online site. I think that we will need at least a couple of more months before we are ready to launch it.

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