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Volker Pawlik January 20, 2009 10:12

transfer rate problem with cfd-online pages

I have massive problems with downloading/opening cfd-online internet pages (for a longer time). Opening the forum page needs more than 30s. My company provides me with a very fast internet connection, hence this cannot be the bottleneck, since I observe the same behaviour from home with my DSL 6000er connection.

Does anyone observe the same?


Jonas Larsson January 20, 2009 10:31

Re: transfer rate problem with cfd-online pages
For me, who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, it takes less than a second to download the forum index page. The server stands in a data-center in Salt Lake City, USA. The server is not very loaded and has a fairly fast network connection.

Over the years we have only had a couple of persons reporting very slow network connection to Hence, it can not be a general problem. If anyone else has the same problem please send us a short email to

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