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Ram February 2, 2009 05:53

Can we make a CFdesign Forum
Sir, I did not see any forum of CFdesign tool. I am one of the cutomer of CFdesign. Shall we form a group/forum for CFdesign tool, so that we can share/express our technical concerns. Thanks.

Peter February 2, 2009 10:50

Re: Can we make a CFdesign Forum
Our policy is to only open new forums when we see a clear need for it. A good sign that a new forum is needed is if we see a lot of discussions about that subject on the main forum.

Sometime we have also on request from code-vendors opened a dedicated forum for their code. In that case the code-vendor has helped to market the forum by volunteering to email all of their current users, marketed the forum in trade magazines and user-conferences etc. Without a dedicated marketing campaign from the code vendor (or a lot of discussions about the subject already present on the main forum) a new forum will not have enough visitors and will quickly self-die. Examples of forums opened on request from code vendors are the EFD/FloWorks and FLOW-3D forums.

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